Industrial Product Listing

Omega Chemicals offers Total Chemical Management to its customers covering supply of all required chemicals, inventory management and other supporting services.  See a list of these services on our 'Other Services' page.

Listed below are many of our Industrial Chemicals. Omega Chemicals also offer a range of Swimming Pool Chemicals.

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Aluminium Chlorohydrate (megapac 23) - LiquidMSDSOrder
Aluminium Chlorohydrate Cosmetic Grade (Megapac 23-C) - LiquidMSDSOrder
Aluminium Sulphate - GranularMSDSOrder
Aluminium Sulphate - LiquidMSDSOrder
Aluminium Sulphate B Grade (Bauxitic Grade) LiquidMSDSOrder
Ammonia SulphateMSDSOrder
Aqueous AmmoniaMSDSOrder
Brine (saturated)MSDSOrder
Calcium Nitrate SolutionMSDSOrder
Caustic Soda - Special Blend
Please contact our Customer Service Centre for a specifications of strengths not listed here.
Caustic Soda 15%MSDSOrder
Caustic Soda 25%MSDSOrder
Caustic Soda 28%MSDSOrder
Caustic Soda 31.5%MSDSOrder
Caustic Soda 45%MSDSOrder
Caustic Soda 46%MSDSOrder
Caustic Soda 50%MSDSOrder
Citric Acid 20%MSDSOrder
Citric Acid 50%MSDSOrder
Citric Acid AnhydrousMSDSOrder
Dense Soda AshMSDSOrder
Ferric ChlorideMSDSOrder
Ferric Sulphate (megaclear 12)MSDSOrder
Hydrochloric AcidMSDSOrder
Magnafloc Lt22MSDSOrder
Magnesium SulphateMSDSOrder
Phosphoric AcidMSDSOrder
Poly Aluminium Chloride (megapac 10)MSDSOrder
Potassium Permanganate SolutionMSDSOrder
Sdic - Stabilised ChlorineMSDSOrder
Soda Ash SolutionMSDSOrder
Sodium ChloriteMSDSOrder
Sodium HypochloriteMSDSOrder
Sodium MetabisulphiteMSDSOrder
Sulphuric Acid
Please contact our Customer Service Centre for a specifications of strengths not listed here.
Sulphuric Acid 33%MSDSOrder
Sulphuric Acid 34.5%MSDSOrder
Sulphuric Acid 35%MSDSOrder
Sulphuric Acid 50%MSDSOrder
Sulphuric Acid 60%MSDSOrder
Sulphuric Acid 70%MSDSOrder
Sulphuric Acid 73%MSDSOrder
Sulphuric Acid 98%MSDSOrder
Zinc ChlorideMSDSOrder

And many more products available

Many products are available in various strengths and package sizes.  Products can be made and blended to meet customer requirements.

Please contact our Customer Service Centre for the most up to date MSDS on any chemical.

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