Pool Chemicals

Omega Chemicals is now a significant supplier of chemicals to the Swimming Pool Industry.

At present Omega Chemicals is the supplier to all the YMCA managed swimming pools in Victoria as well as many other publicly and privately operated pools.

Omega Chemicals offers the full range of swimming pool related chemicals as listed below.

For a comprehensive list of our industrial products, please view our Industrial Products Listing.

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Aluminium Sulphate - Liquid MSDS Order
Calcium Chloride MSDS Order
Calcium Hypochlorite (dry Chlorine) MSDS Order
Chlorine Tablets MSDS Order
Dense Soda Ash MSDS Order
Hydrochloric Acid MSDS Order
Pool Salt MSDS Order
Pool Sticks MSDS Order
Sodium Bicarbonate MSDS Order
Sodium Bisulphate (dry Acid) MSDS Order
Sodium Hypochlorite MSDS Order
Sodium Thiosulphate MSDS Order

Omega Chemicals' Customer Service personnel continually liase with Pool Managers to assist in stock control of Sodium Hypochlorite and other chemicals.

Various packaging sizes are available for all swimming pool chemicals depending on Customer preference.

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