Our Company | Omega Chemicals
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Omega Chemicals is now one of the most significant suppliers to the Water and Waste Water Treatment Industries as well as the Swimming Pool Market.

Omega Chemicals also supplies the Pulp and Paper, Tanning, Mining, Cosmetics and Power Generation Industries.


Whether you currently purchase from Omega Chemicals or are considering doing so, this website is designed to provide comprehensive information on the chemicals that Omega Chemicals sell, as well as the Company’s capabilities in supplying and delivering.


For swimming pool customers, there is a dedicated section listing all swimming pool chemicals and available pack sizes.


For industrial users, there is a dedicated Industrial Product Listing which enables you to request a specification or MSDS for any product.

Omega Chemicals continues to grow year after year. The Company’s success is partly due to its personalised approach to customer relations. Every customer, regardless of size is treated equally and with utmost respect. The Omega Chemicals Customer Service Team are focused on a 100% customer satisfaction approach.


Please contact us for any additional information that you may require. We look forward to being able to assist you.