Contract Manufacturing | Omega Chemicals
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Packaging, Dilution & Toll Blending

Omega Chemicals provides a packaging and dilution service for its customers. Various products can be packaged in containers from 15 litre polyboys to 1,000 litre IBC’s. Repackaged products can be labeled with our brand or with your Company’s brand.


Omega Chemicals can provide toll-manufacturing services for customers requiring special product blends of our own products, our customers products or a combination of both can be prepared and packaged according to the customer’s specification.


The Company has expanded its existing facility and is aiming to further grow this area of the business offering packaging, dilution and toll manufacturing services to the Chemical Industry and catering to the individual needs of each customer.

  • Toll Blending
  • Contract Filling
  • Dilutions
  • Distribution
  • Storage
  • Household Bleach